NOVRITSCH SSP18 Gas Blowback Pistol
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NOVRITSCH SSP18 Gas Blowback Pistol

  • Brand:  Novritsch
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  • Product Code:  ssp18

NOVRITSCH SSP18 Gas Blowback Pistol NOVRITSCH SSP18 Gas Blowback Pistol NOVRITSCH SSP18 Gas Blowback Pistol NOVRITSCH SSP18 Gas Blowback Pistol

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The SSP18 is a pistol that has everything. Amazing design, supreme accuracy, durability, and Full Auto in one package. Look no further. This is it.


  • Switchable Semi / Full Auto at 17 rounds per second.
  • Designed to shoot heavy BBs – 0.32g recommended.
  • Supreme accuracy with O-ring stabilized and extended 6.01 precision barrel (115mm).
  • Smooth action with FXB Fixed and non-dropping outer barrel.
  • Durable trigger internals with large contact surfaces for CO2 and strong gas.
  • Threaded barrel for suppressors/tracer units.
  • Fast Target acquisition with Fiber optic sight.
  • Gas efficient lightweight cutout slide.
  • Picatinny/NATO rail for pistol flashlights.
  • Flat trigger with a realistic feel.
  • Enlarged slide stop and controls.
  • Extended beavertail, stippling, and dual trigger undercut for superior grip.
  • Comes in a gun case with a valve tool.
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.

Energy: ~1 Joule / ~320 fps with 0.2g BBs
Weight: 450g / 1lbs (without Magazine)

Recommended Gas & BBs for the Gas version:

TemperatureIdeal GasIdeal BBs
0°C to 15°CSuper High Pressure0.28
16°C to 25°CHigh Pressure0.32
26°C to 50°CMedium Pressure0.32

Recommended BBs for the CO2 version: 0.32g BBs.


The SSP18 is scary. It's exciting. It's aggressive. It kicks hard and feels great. You will never look back.